Mobile Research Nursing

Conducting clinical trials has evolved over the years. The COVID_19 pandemic taught us adaptive and responsive methods to approach our industry. Formally birthed out the pandemic need, OnQ now offers a network of highly trained mobile research nurses, primarily in South Africa, to drive and deliver patient-centric trials. We help our clients implement flexibility in conducting clinical trials. This method puts patients in the centre of clinical trials by bringing nurses to their homes. We have conducted direct to patient services in more than 10 studies across multiple therapeutic areas involving over 2000 participants in the past 3 years.

OnQ understands that the times are achanging, as Clinical Research evolves, so do the methods of conducting such research​.

Our expert knowledge and experience enable us to deliver great patient experience, reduced risk and high-quality data management. Through our direct to patient services, we are able to deliver clinical studies that are:
  • Patient Centric

  • Cost Effective

  • Flexible & Scalable