Executing Successful
Trials Since 1999

Established in 1999, OnQ Research has conducted more than 500 clinical trials in more than 10 African countries. Our clinical study sizes range from 1 to 3000 participants. We are a South African based full-service Contract Research Organisation (CRO). We are committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, and practical clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, CROs and related industries. 


We Founded OnQ SA

OnQ SA is a proudly South African contract research organisation that was founded with the purpose of empowering clinical research efforts on the African continent.

Building Expert Teams

OnQ SA establishes itself as a formidable competitor in the market. We started solidifying our specialised teams from Project Management, Quality Assurance to Medical Writing



OnQ SA's Golden Ages

OnQ SA achieves BBBEE status as an accreditation of Level 2. OnQ runs trials in more than 5 African countries and increases their expertise in eBola, HIV & Malaria studies.

First International Clients

OnQ SA runs its first international clinical study in Southern Europe.



We Become a Leading Company

OnQSA boasts clients from Pharma, Biotech, CRO and related industries.

Exponential Growth

OnQ grows exponentially with coverage in over 10 countries across AFRICA thus becoming a true African CRO with presence throughout AFRICA.



Enhanced Value Proposition

OnQ Changes it’s internal structure to reflect it’s value proposition and vision for the future. Key milestones are the permanent employment of resource outside of the South African borders and initiating a non profit initiative, South African Pharma Academy. ( SAPA) . SAPA is an industry wide collaborative initiative birthed to identify, attract and train potential talent for our industry.