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​Rosebank Primary Feeding Scheme


The South African Department of Health has issued new regulatory requirements covering both medical devices and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices.

The regulations are based heavily on guidance and principles of the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) and its predecessor organization, the Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF); the new rules appear to take effect immediately.

Based on an initial analysis of the new regulations, registration with the South African Medicines Control Council or MCC is for now required only for devices whose manufacturers and sponsors participate in the country’s public tender system. However, the MCC has the authority to impose registration requirements at its discretion for devices not participating in public tenders, as well.

“It appears that the South African Department of Health eventually wants all devices to be registered through a formal registration system, but is starting slowly with devices that are sold in public tenders,” says Brian Goemans, Emergo Senior Consultant and Country Manager for South Africa.


OnQ Research believes in giving back to the community. ​​

OnQ currently donates monthly monetaries to the Rosebank Primary feeding scheme. They use these funds to purchase food for the feeding scheme.

For people from disadvantaged backgrounds, a feeding scheme could be the only thing they depend on for their next meal.

This was realised when a governmental school, Rosebank Primary, initiated a feeding scheme in 2008 for school children who often go hungry because there is nothing to eat in their homes.

A teacher at the school, Gail Frankiskos, said children often find it difficult to concentrate during class when they are feeling hungry.

“The purpose of the Rosebank Primary School feeding scheme is to ensure that identified learners from families who are under financial pressure are provided with a healthy, balanced meal on a daily basis,” said Frankiskos.

By providing a balanced meal, learners are better able to cope with concentration, and short-term hunger can be alleviated, thus hopefully assisting with the child’s academic performance.

To keep feeding the little ones, the school is in need of food sponsors and donations to sustain providing breakfast, in-between snacks and prepared lunches for the young ones after school.

The cost of living has become too high and the school uses funds to buy monthly groceries to feed about 20 learners and to pay their cook, who often cleans up afterwards.

Due to this, the school is currently looking for additional sponsors and donors to assistant in buying more necessities.

Would you like to make a contribution to help the needy?

Send your messages to  koketsor@caxton.co.za


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